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            Serving National Food Security

            Investing to Improve Global Layout

            COFCO is committed to building integrated grain and oil industry investment and resource platforms in the main grain producing areas and major grain markets of the world. COFCO will continue to strengthen its upstream control, logistical supports, processing capacity, and market coverage, gaining market share in grain, oil, sugar, and cotton. COFCO will connect the world’s farms to meet the upgraded food needs of consumers. At the largest level COFCO will serve national food security. 



            Build a Fully Integrated Operation in Worldwide

            COFCO is creating a global governance structure, with international control systems and full integration of domestic and international businesses. We will achieve effective control of overseas business and connect its development with the supply and demand of world’s grain and food products. We will keep “professional management and industrial development” as our guide as we integrate global talent, technology, management, capital, and resources. Further integration of markets, capital, management, culture, and operations will reduce operational costs, improve profit margins, balance resource allocation, and allow for rapid adaptation to changing consumer demands.


            COFCO continues to build and optimize global integrated supply chains. Constant assessment and optimization of our global operational structure allows us to be dominant players in global agribusiness competition while effectively protecting domestic markets.



            Global Operations Network: Macro-Control

            COFCO has established an efficient global industry chain to allow for simultaneous entrenchment into the world’s bountiful grain-producing areas to ensure food security, and expand the reach of our “sell to the world” trade network.

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