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            Implementing Green Practices

            Strengthening the Concept of Green Development

            In 2016, COFCO implemented the environmental protection responsibility system, a starting point to further strengthen environmental compliance management.



            Promoting Energy Conservation

            COFCO energy-saving emission reduction work achieved good results through the implementation of a comprehensive energy-saving diagnosis, key energy-saving projects and other initiatives. In June 2016, SASAC granted COFCO the honorary title of "excellent energy-saving emission reduction enterprise."



            Developing a Circular Economy

            COFCO's specialized companies combine their business operations to promote resources through the promotion of waste recycling, the use of renewable energy, etc.



            Participating in Carbon Trading

            COFCO is concerned about climate change, actively improving our carbon emission monitoring system, carbon inventory mechanisms. We participate in the national carbon trading pilot, using market mechanisms to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We also carry out the work of biodiversity conservation through ecological protection.

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