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            Growing Together with Employees

            Staff Composition

            COFCO adheres to the principles of equal employment and diversity, and provides equal employment opportunities for talents of different genders, ethnicities and educational backgrounds and promote the development of COFCO. 


            In 2016, COFCO employees totaled 145013 people, including 7856 ethnic minorities, accounting for 5.42% of the total, and 45082 female employees, 31.1% of employees. There were 24860 new recruits, of which graduates accounted for 10.1%.



            Compensation and Benefits

            Optimizing Compensation System Motivates Staff to Grow.  Protecting the Welfare System.



            Employee Development

            Developing Systematic Training and Improve Professional Competence.  Organizing Cultural Activities to Improve Corporate Cohesion.



            Occupational Health and Safety

            In 2016, COFCO continued to implement safeguard measures for occupational health and safety of employees, strengthened the special management and safety management of safety production, steadily promoted the construction of hidden trouble investigation and management system, strengthened production safety, and managed safety accidents, and safeguarded the health of employees. 


            In order to curb major accidents, the Group continued to carry out tests for fire, dust explosion, liquid ammonia rapid freezing device, curtain wall and other major hidden dangers. At the same time the Group introduced operational safety analysis, two methods of behavior safety, and safety management personnel training, while identifying hidden hazards in the industry chain. 

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