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            Listed Among Fortune Global 500 for 26 Years, COFCO Corporation Ranks 134th in 2019 Release Time : 2019-08-15
            COFCO Corporation has been ranked 134th on the “Global 500” list for 2019 released by American Fortune magazine on July 22, Beijing time, securing top spot among listed global agribusinesses. The Company has been on the annual list of Global 500 for 26 straight years.

            In 2018, COFCO Corporation established the development goal of building world-class major agribusiness, arranged its work around serving national strategy of grain security, focused on developing its core businesses, implemented the strategy of “three major drivers”, spearheaded high-quality development of corporate operations driven by main businesses, capital and brands, enhanced its control over core businesses, increased its competitiveness in bulk agriculture by-products market, built more outstanding brands, thus achieving the new era goal of ranking top among major international grain traders in terms of synthetic economic indicators.

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